Thursday, December 07, 2006

Tornado in London

Now this may not seem too out of the ordinary for our part of the world being in "Tornado Alley," but they do not get many these in the United Kingdom.

It affected about 150 homes in the Kensal Rise neighborhood of London. Displaced people are staying in a local church tonight until they can find more permanent accommodations. A Sky News weatherforcester (which from the weather features that I saw on Sky this summer, I did not know existed..) estimated that the winds were about 100 MPH which would put it as an F1 on the Fujita Scale which says that the tornado will rip off tiles off of roofs and will move automobiles, which happened in Kensal Rise.

This year, the UK is experiencing above average rainfall amounts, which I guess makes sense due to El Nino..

It was just really interesting to hear about the Tornado in London on Virgin Radio because I just assumed that it was a really rare occurrence, but comes to find out, they have about 30 tornadoes a year.. weird...

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