Wednesday, June 25, 2008

When you thought that it could not get any worse

They do it. VH1 that is. They have created a new show. A show that questions their judgement. They have added to the American re-make of a British show.. The I Love the (decade here) series. However, they have gone out and made a "I Love the New Millennium". I'm sorry, but is this decade over yet? I thought that we had a year and a half more to go before the next decade, but I guess that I am mistaken. It started on Monday and the series goes through the year 2007. IT JUST HAPPENED! I watched years 2001-2003 last night and it was interesting. I knew exactly everything that they talked about oddly enough.
I love these shows, it is a great resource for people who like to study culture. It is also great to look back and see what was going on during those days and how style and thought has change from there to here. However, this is absurd. I guess that I am not helping my argument because I am watching the episodes, but still. What are they going to do for 2008 and 2009? Wait until the year is over and make a new episode to accompany this series? I think that in order to do a "best of (x) decade" show, that the WHOLE decade be completed for a few years. This would have been more appropriate to appear in say 2014 or so. It is just way too soon.

But I will still watch and reminisce. Ohh the 2000's!
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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Yay for holidays!

So there have been some talks around campus that we may not get the usual week surrounding Christmas and New Years off. I looked on the Human Resource calendar today and I found out that he do get the week off! I would have been really mad if I could not have the week off for Christmas. We are an educational institution and there is no reason for us to be on campus. Yes, technically, we do get backed up during the holidays in processing files, but we need a break sometime. Plus, how is one expected to visit family members on a few days?

In other news, not much is going on. At work, we have begun a calling campaign to help remind students to sign up for orientation. After work last night, I hung out with Jessica, Jennifer, and Jaqueline and I could barely talk. It was not pleasant. I was still glad to hang out with the girls because I have not seen them in a long time, especially Jax and Jessica.

Pretty soon, I will know my recruiting schedule, so I can start making travel plans for the fall. I am excited. I know that I have only been in the office for a handful of weeks now, but I am ready to get back out on the road and get away from the telephone. I do not like to talk on the phone, especially when it is the same question over and over and over and over again. It just starts to get annoying after a while. Today I get to escape for the afternoon because there is a program at the Fort Worth Convention Center. I just hope that the rain holds off until after the event. I don't want to carry viewbooks through the rain. That will be no bueno. We shall see how it goes though..

Thursday, June 12, 2008


Last night, I did my first section of homework since I left school in May 2007. I have to say it has been quite a while. My keyboard at home is much different than my keyboard at work, so needless to say, I made quite a bit of spelling errors that I had to go back and correct. Maybe my computer is trying to say that I need a natural keyboard at home... For fun, I am taking a course at the local community college about the Media. It is COMM 1307, Introduction to Mass Communications. It is a 10 week course and my first assignment is due next Tuesday.
Last night I studied all there is to know about advertising. We had to read a chapter in the book and then answer some questions that went along with the book and also involved me checking out some ad agencies and choosing one that I would prefer to use to advertise my imaginary product. One company that I looked at was Fallon. I chose them to do my ad. They have produced many of the ads that we have seen on TV, specifically the Citi card commercials where you have the victim of credit card theft and there is a voice over of the criminal talking about what they are going to buy with the credit card. It is one of my favorites.

I also learned that advertising is a billion dollar industry. I read that and was shocked. I guess that we just don't think about how much money it is to purchase time on the air waves.

So far I am enjoying the class. It is what I have been reading about in my spare time, so it is worth it. How I am going to use this credit, I am not sure, but it can just support my habit for off the wall knowledge.

Before I started homework, I finished up a series that I borrowed from the UNT Media Library. It is a BBC show called "The Robinsons". It stars Martin Freeman (Tim from BBC's The Office). It is about the youngest son (Freeman) in a family of 3 who is struggling to find out what his purpose in life is. His family is highly dysfunctional and it is a really good show. It only lasted for 6 episodes, so there is not much to it, but by British standards, it had a full run. Lately, I have been watching all that Martin Freeman has performed in. On Sunday, I watched "The Good Night" where Martin Freeman played someone similar to his character in "The Robinsons". For some reason, these roles are really intriguing to me right now.

On tap for tonight, Public Relations!
P.S. I feel about how he looks right now.... :)

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Summer showers combined with a cold front = perfection

It was so beautiful last night! I had to drop off books at the library so they would be counted on-time so I made a little trip to the Lewisville Library around 10 pm. The temperature was 72 degrees so I drove with the windows down. And I am glad that I did. It was so relaxing! I had the windows down, radio up and nothing in the world could be wrong. It was great!

Before my excursion to the library, I watched a mocumentry called "Chalk". It is about new teachers who have between 1 hour and 3 years of experience. It was really good. It was executive produced by Morgan Spurlock, the "Supersize Me" guy. "Chalk" give you an idea what first year teachers experience and some of the frustrations that they can encounter. From un-ruly students to administrators who are not as helpful as they can be. They had a couple PSA's in the special features section. One was really funny, it had this teacher and all you could see is his shirt and tie. He is walking down the hallway, waving to people. He walks into the classroom and starts his lesson. He suddenly drops his chalk. He bends down to pick it up and he is wearing short shorts. A sign on the screen says "That's just wrong. Students, please respect the dress code". It was funny. Unfortunately it is not on Youtube to share, but something to investigate if you watch the DVD.

The season finale of ABC Family's Greek was great also. Of course it was a roller coaster ride of "will they, won't they" but it ended how it should have. Now I will have to wait a whole summer to know what will happen between the Casey-Cappy-Rebecca love triangle.

With all of that excitement, I guess I should start working on my class now...

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Making News : Savannah Style

Tonight is the premiere of the TV Guide channel's reality program "Making News : Savannah Style" series that follows a local TV station (usually during the Spring season) to see what they are doing and usually see how they are trying to beat their competition. Last season, they focused on KOSA in the Midland/Odessa market. They were undergoing some changes in management and also they were trying to beat the their competitor KWES (NewsWest 9). It was really cool to see the behind the scenes action at a local news station.

This season it is based in Savannah, GA at ABC Affiliate WJCL. They have faced some problems of their own : They have a new owner, their General Manager of the station was sent to prison, they are the lowest ranked ABC affiliate. They have a lot of problems they they need to work on. Their current General Manager wrote about why they wanted to be on the "Making News" series here. Basically, they have all of these issues and are the worst station ever and how could it go wrong by having somebody come and document their struggle to become a better news station.

They are in the 97th largest TV market, which is a bit of change from the Midland/Odessa market which is #157. If you notice in the picture above, it says the 198th best local news station, this is referring to overall ABC affiliates nationwide.

I watched Making News : Texas Style last summer and it was very entertaining. You get to learn about what happens behind the scenes at a TV station and which is something that the average viewer does not get to see. It is definitely worth checking out if you have digital cable.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

The Mole

So I watched the premier of the new season of ABC's "The Mole" last night. It was the first time that I saw a full episode. I remember watching a little bit of an episode back in 2003 when it was last on.

"The Mole" is a game-show/reality show which follows 12 people who are given missions to find out who the mole is and also to win money. It is a 10 week venture and this season they are in Chile. Basically, they do all of these missions to gain clues. At the end of each week, they will take a quiz to see who knows who the mole is. The person with the lowest score on the quiz is immediately sent home.

This season has a variety of characters, most are in their 20's, but there are a few contestants who are a little older. The first mission was to "bungee" off of a waterfall in order to grab a bag that may or may not have cash in it. Only 5 people out of 11 grabbed bags and only 2 had cash in the bag (which upset some contestants).

With any game show/reality show, there are characters, people who whine, etc. One contestant, Nicole, threw a fit about having to sleep outside. She was named the person who whines the most and on the next mission, she was the lead, but she paid for her whining because she was stranded on an island for a night.

Overall, I am luke warm to the show. I am not jumping up and down excited about it, but it was not bad either. I am going to watch again next week and see how that goes. It comes on ABC Monday nights at 9pm CT.

Happenings of the past few days

So I have finished moving my stuff to my new apartment. Now that everything is settled for the most part and 90% of the boxes are gone, it is starting to feel like home. There are some things that I still need to do: hang pictures, fold clothes, finish unpacking boxes in my room. It is not too bad.

Now that I have my stuff in there, it is not as small anymore. It is just the right size. I am still trying to find a place to put the lids to my Tupperware containers. I have no more drawers or cabinet space available, so I guess for now I am going to keep them in a box on the floor next to the kitchen. Mostly everything else, if I am do not use the item everyday is going in my massive storage closet. It is so big, it could be an extra room!

Since I do not have cable or Internet yet, I have been watching a lot of DVD's. I just finished a documentary that I borrowed from the library about West Point. It was very interesting. It was filmed in the Fall of 2001/Spring 2002, so it was interesting to see how the cadets responded to the 9/11 tragedy. Most were nervous, but many were ready to leave and go fight.

While I was at Wal-Mart this weekend, I bought season 6 of Roseanne. I used to watch this as a kid and I thought that it would be cool to remind myself of what I watched during childhood. Believe it or not, this season aired in 1993. From the different fashions, you could tell that it was the early 90's. I just could not process the fact that season 6 was in 1993. I would have thought that it was a lot later. As I watched, I remembered the different episodes from the first time that I watched them and where I was when I watched it. It was a nice trip down memory lane. Especially important to this season is that this was the first season that Sarah Chalke plays the role of Becky. I really like Sarah Chalke (and prefer her over the other Becky) so that is why I am starting in the middle of the series.

On tap for tonight is Disc 2 of Roseanne. I am excited. It is cool to flash back and watch shows from the past.
Above is a before picture of my living room. Tomorrow, an after picture.