Wednesday, June 25, 2008

When you thought that it could not get any worse

They do it. VH1 that is. They have created a new show. A show that questions their judgement. They have added to the American re-make of a British show.. The I Love the (decade here) series. However, they have gone out and made a "I Love the New Millennium". I'm sorry, but is this decade over yet? I thought that we had a year and a half more to go before the next decade, but I guess that I am mistaken. It started on Monday and the series goes through the year 2007. IT JUST HAPPENED! I watched years 2001-2003 last night and it was interesting. I knew exactly everything that they talked about oddly enough.
I love these shows, it is a great resource for people who like to study culture. It is also great to look back and see what was going on during those days and how style and thought has change from there to here. However, this is absurd. I guess that I am not helping my argument because I am watching the episodes, but still. What are they going to do for 2008 and 2009? Wait until the year is over and make a new episode to accompany this series? I think that in order to do a "best of (x) decade" show, that the WHOLE decade be completed for a few years. This would have been more appropriate to appear in say 2014 or so. It is just way too soon.

But I will still watch and reminisce. Ohh the 2000's!
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