Tuesday, June 03, 2008

The Mole

So I watched the premier of the new season of ABC's "The Mole" last night. It was the first time that I saw a full episode. I remember watching a little bit of an episode back in 2003 when it was last on.

"The Mole" is a game-show/reality show which follows 12 people who are given missions to find out who the mole is and also to win money. It is a 10 week venture and this season they are in Chile. Basically, they do all of these missions to gain clues. At the end of each week, they will take a quiz to see who knows who the mole is. The person with the lowest score on the quiz is immediately sent home.

This season has a variety of characters, most are in their 20's, but there are a few contestants who are a little older. The first mission was to "bungee" off of a waterfall in order to grab a bag that may or may not have cash in it. Only 5 people out of 11 grabbed bags and only 2 had cash in the bag (which upset some contestants).

With any game show/reality show, there are characters, people who whine, etc. One contestant, Nicole, threw a fit about having to sleep outside. She was named the person who whines the most and on the next mission, she was the lead, but she paid for her whining because she was stranded on an island for a night.

Overall, I am luke warm to the show. I am not jumping up and down excited about it, but it was not bad either. I am going to watch again next week and see how that goes. It comes on ABC Monday nights at 9pm CT.

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