Wednesday, September 09, 2009

El Paso, Day 2

Day 2 in El Paso is was eye opening. I could actually see the city and the mountains. Oh, and the big fence that denotes the border between the US and Mexico. It was interesting to see the shanty towns just yards from the freeway of which across was a typical American neighborhood.

The fairs weren't bad. Lots of questions about criminal justice. In talking with other recruiters, it is due to the border and all of the crime that happens in El Paso and across the border.

On the way to El Paso HS, I found a few good To over look the city into El Paso and Ciudad Juarez. Got few shots of the two cities but nothing too good. Need a zoom camera for that.

Before ending the night, Audra and I went to Cincinnati Street, which is a bar/restaurant for dinner and drinks. Had a good time, as well as some banana pancakes.

We will see what tomorow brings...

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Tuesday, September 08, 2009

El Paso first impressions

Well I just arrived in El Paso this evening. It feels like a different
place although it has been dark the whole time so I can't quite see
much. However it is really easy to see Mexico from I-10.

It feels like I am not in Texas. Were in a different time zone, there
are lots of mountains, the English radio stations still have Spanish
commericals and the list goes on. It also is apparent that I am in the
minority here. Which is not a problem, but is a little bit of a
culture shock.

I am really excited to be here. This is a new part of the state and
after this week and a trip to midland/odessa, I will have been across
the whole state of Texas.

Tomorrow, I will have a better view of things since it will actually
be light out and I will be able to see things. I can also get a good
look at the Mazda 6 that I am driving.
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