Tuesday, September 08, 2009

El Paso first impressions

Well I just arrived in El Paso this evening. It feels like a different
place although it has been dark the whole time so I can't quite see
much. However it is really easy to see Mexico from I-10.

It feels like I am not in Texas. Were in a different time zone, there
are lots of mountains, the English radio stations still have Spanish
commericals and the list goes on. It also is apparent that I am in the
minority here. Which is not a problem, but is a little bit of a
culture shock.

I am really excited to be here. This is a new part of the state and
after this week and a trip to midland/odessa, I will have been across
the whole state of Texas.

Tomorrow, I will have a better view of things since it will actually
be light out and I will be able to see things. I can also get a good
look at the Mazda 6 that I am driving.
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