Thursday, August 23, 2007

And so I begin.. the first goal = a 5K...

Last night, after watching Anchorwoman and blogging about it (I couldn't help it, I was too excited about it) I went to the little gym that is at my apartment complex. It is nothing compared to the Rec Center at UNT as the gym equipment is a bit older, but it gets the job done. I did 20 minutes on a slider stair type machine (I have no idea what it is called) and then did about 20 minutes on the treadmill. After that, I stretched and remembered that I did not do that before all of that running. It is ok though because as I read more today about beginning running and whatnot, I have found that it is just suggested that you do some brisk walking prior to your workout opposed to formal stretching as a warm up. That is fine with me because when I was in High School, the warm up would take up all of my free energy. I think that it is still a good idea to stretch during some point because it is good for the body and also improves flexibility, and that can never hurt.

Today, I brought my 3 liter bottle of water to work because the water in Denton is nasty because the lake is turning and tastes like dirt. I have learned in the past that hydration is key, so it is my goal to drink as much water as possible during the day in order to properly hydrate my body. Usually, I would not have a problem with this, but getting up every 20 minutes to run to the bathroom is not pleasant. :)

Tonight, after the Big Brother eviction (most likely Jen), I will probably hit the gym again for another 40 minute session.. Maybe focusing more on the treadmill because I really enjoyed that part last night.
My first running goal is to complete a 5K run. This is should be an easily obtainable goal. Right now, I am just going to focus on getting my body in shape and ready to do all of this work. I think that there is a Turkey Trot on campus around Thanksgiving and if I am ready, I may try that... But for now, I am just going to start working on establishing a routine.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Anchorwoman - Season Premiere review

Wow.. What a show. After watching the first episode, I am excited to see the rest of the season. I laughed the whole way through the show. I love it.. I can't believe that I am about to say this, but way to go FOX! Who knew that the show was going to be this entertaining?
Anchorwoman takes place in Tyler, TX at CBS 19 KYTX. At first I was a little skeptical I still am a little skeptical. I don't know how this type of show and stunt by this station cannot affect its reputation in the community and also their journalistic credibility. They have only been in the Tyler/Longview market for only 3 years, so they have a lot going against them as it is. The station and its General Manager claim that they are using Lauren to boost their ratings.

Many of the other employees at KYTX made the claim at the beginning of the show before Lauren Jones, our Anchorwoman, arrived that this was a bad move and bad for the station. I agree with them 100%. It damages their credibility and also, she does not have that much experience, so there will be a lot learning that Lauren will have to do before she is ready to take this gig on full time. I bet that the people from the competitors are having a field day(KLTV-ABC 7 and KETK-NBC 56) with all of this. KLTV has been having a field day with this situation before the show ever hit the pages of the TV Guide.

Entertainment wise though, it was knee slapping good. Give me more!

This is also pretty cool because you get to see the in and outs of a broadcast news operation. Its awesome because not many people get to do so. That is unless you know people who will give you some inside info or find stuff online like Mike McGuff, the Insite or others....
Here is a review from Newsday... They didn't like it.. But they are media, so they are a little biased...

So I have been thinking...

Wouldn't it be cool to run in a competition? Something like a marathon or a mini-marathon. I have stumbled across a couple of blogs that I have been reading here lately, mainly PinkGuruGal, who participates in Triathlons. That consists of swimming, biking and running and is about 70 miles in total distance. There is no possible way that I could do something like that. Maybe if I follow through with training and running, maybe in the future, but right now, not so much. I think that it would be cool. It has been interesting just reading about all of the training that she does for the competitions and I am wondering how she is training, working a full time job and having a life too. It is just crazy. But I think that it could be fun.

I have had an interest in running. I ran track in Intermediate school and during my freshman year in High School. I was not a wonderful athlete, but I did not quite hold up the end. Running is also something that can be easily done by a beginner with no athleticism whatsoever. You are not required to have a special skill to run. As long as you don't trip over your feet, you will be fine.

It is just a thought. I think that it would be a cool way to meet people and get out and about and to try something different. It is time that I did something like that. I am too dull, so this is something that I could add to my radar.

We shall see what happens...

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

She has finally made it..

Our second teacher in space has finally made it. At of 5:45 pm CST, Endeavour has seperated from the fuel tank meaning that the Astronauts are safely in space. This is a bittersweet moment for the NASA community and those who were alive when the first attempt to put a teacher in space faced a great tragedy with the loss of the Challenger and her 7 person crew, including Christa McAuliffe, the first teacher in space. Our teacher now, Barbara Morgan, was Christa's backup for the Challenger mission.

Barbara and Christa were chosen for the Teacher In Space Program by NASA in the 1980's. This was a program initiated by NASA to get America's attention back to space exploration and to excite young students to go into the fields of study that relate to Space travel, including math and science.

As I stated earlier, it is bittersweet. It is happy in the fact that the Teacher In Space program can now get off the ground and students can now interact with a teacher in space. This is something that will excite many science students around the country. It is sad though to think about the program as it was 20 years ago and those that were lost inthe Challenger disaster. The tragedy was not in vein however because NASA learned a lot from that incident and made policy changes to prevent something like that happening again in the future.

Many people across the country will be watching this event and remembering that fateful day in 1986 and looking forward to the reports from Barbara Morgan and her fellow crew on STS-118.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Way to go Dow Jones!

They caved in. Yes they were already distanced from the company, but they caved into a property hungry media mogul who does not care about "fair and balanced" news as one of his flagships claim. He is actually more interested in promoting his own personal views. Yes, this media mogul that I am speaking about is Rupert Murdoch, the crazed conservative Aussie who is out to take over the media world as we know it.

Yesterday, the Bancroft family, which held the majority of the voting power of the Wall Street Journal and Dow Jones agreed to be bought out by Murdoch's News Corp for a large sum of money. Now everybody is wondering what he will do with the paper? Will he turn it into a propaganda mouth piece? Will he just leave it alone and un-touched? Who knows. It is definite that he wants to use it as a source of content for his new business channel that he wants to launch later this year that will rival CNBC and the Bloomberg Channel.

The big thing in this is that the Wall Street Journal has a 200 year of history of being owned by the Bancroft family, so that in itself is a big thing. Another thing is that it has the largest readership among the business papers. It has been called the "required reading" of the business class. How will they react to this change?

Me, I think that it was a bad move. Once again, why does a big corporation have to go and buy another one. Why can't there be lots of different corporations out there owning a couple of things opposed to one corporation owning millions of things? I guess that is life.. Maybe we all can soon be owned by News Corp or Wal-Mart. I can't wait!