Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Anchorwoman - Season Premiere review

Wow.. What a show. After watching the first episode, I am excited to see the rest of the season. I laughed the whole way through the show. I love it.. I can't believe that I am about to say this, but way to go FOX! Who knew that the show was going to be this entertaining?
Anchorwoman takes place in Tyler, TX at CBS 19 KYTX. At first I was a little skeptical I still am a little skeptical. I don't know how this type of show and stunt by this station cannot affect its reputation in the community and also their journalistic credibility. They have only been in the Tyler/Longview market for only 3 years, so they have a lot going against them as it is. The station and its General Manager claim that they are using Lauren to boost their ratings.

Many of the other employees at KYTX made the claim at the beginning of the show before Lauren Jones, our Anchorwoman, arrived that this was a bad move and bad for the station. I agree with them 100%. It damages their credibility and also, she does not have that much experience, so there will be a lot learning that Lauren will have to do before she is ready to take this gig on full time. I bet that the people from the competitors are having a field day(KLTV-ABC 7 and KETK-NBC 56) with all of this. KLTV has been having a field day with this situation before the show ever hit the pages of the TV Guide.

Entertainment wise though, it was knee slapping good. Give me more!

This is also pretty cool because you get to see the in and outs of a broadcast news operation. Its awesome because not many people get to do so. That is unless you know people who will give you some inside info or find stuff online like Mike McGuff, the Insite or others....
Here is a review from Newsday... They didn't like it.. But they are media, so they are a little biased...

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