Friday, March 23, 2007

Is change really good?

I was surfing on my favorite radio station's website, and I encountered a piece of news that I did not know about. Virgin Radio has a morning show called the Breakfast Show. I usually listen to it via podcast because I don't really want to stay up all night so I can listen to it as it comes on at 12 am here in Denton. Well, one of the DJ's (Chris Smith) took a leave of absence so he could attend to his wife while she had a baby. This was like 2 weeks ago. Well, while he was gone, the station played around with having Christian O'Connell (the main DJ) go solo and then they added a producer to the mike and tried that. They tested around and found out that they liked the show better without Chris Smith (the new daddy) who was out on leave. Now, Chris was an awesome sidekick. The main DJ is a little childish and is really evened out by Chris. They have worked together for a while and even switched radio stations this past year.

The news that I read last night was that he was canned. The main DJ never made any mention of the demise of Chris Smith. There was no statement and they deleted all of his pictures and anything that had to deal with Chris. The team was now broken up.

I just think that was a bad move. It would have also been nice for them to give him a proper send off and explain everything to the listeners. Not to mention, he was on a leave of absence to attend to a new member of his family. Is that a kick in the balls or what?

Why is radio so fickle like that? They did the same exact thing here in the Metroplex at Mix 102.9; canned Cappy from the Morning Mix with Tony and Cappy. Which is better? Running away old listeners from a radio show or trying to gain new ones? I know that it is easier and cheaper to gain new customers for a business, but shouldn't they work harder to keep old customers around?
Picture: To the left, Brian The Producer, to the right: Newly canned Chris Smith

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Ryan said...

Dude, I know exactly what you mean. I really like Tony and Cappy in the Morning because the cared about people. They did the scared straight Myspace and the thing where they fix up a lower-income family's house. Now that Cappy is gone, all I here about is celebrity news. Crap! its all crap. So before that happened they told the listeners that the one chick was leaving (I don't remember her name), I was okay with that. And then the next weekend I turn on the radio and there's just Tony and Victoria Snee. AHHHH! One more. I hated when they got rid of the old morning show on The Edge and brought on the "more famous" Lex and Terry. I really don't like their show and I feel that alot of the advice is over-run with sports talk and crappiness. Okay...I'm done!