Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Its almost that time again!

Yes, that most exciting time for a hunter of sorts is almost here. Can you guess what it is? Hurricane Season! Oh yeah! This past year was a quiet one, which was fine with the people of the United States after a busy season in 2005 with the total destruction caused by Hurricanes Katrina, Rita and Wilma. The reminder of the Hurricane season comes today as a sub-tropical system forms off of the southeastern coast of the United States. The Hurricane Season does not start until June 1st, so this is quite out of the ordinary. Meteorologists are calling this a subtropical storm, meaning that it is not quite tropical storm, and not quite a frontal storm. The National Hurricane Center in Miami sent out a Hurricane Hunter plane today and verified that it does have the qualities of a "sub topical cyclone" and that if it continues to develop and stay on track with "subtropical" trends, they will start issuing advisories on "Subtropical Storm Andrea." And this is with 22 days still left before Hurricane season starts!

The reason that it is not an outright tropical storm is because the highest wind speeds are away from the center of the storm, whereas in a tropical storm, the highest wind speeds are found in the center near the "eye" (if it has one).

If it does "hit" the coast, it would be good because GA and FL are having some fire issues because they are experiencing a drought right now. It is moving 5 mph in a westward direction, but as far as it making an impact on that situation, I do not think it is favorable.
Is this a sign of what is to come this Hurricane season? It may or it may not. Only time will tell. Remember, if we do run out of names for this season, we go GREEK! "Party on Wayne, Party on Garth!"
Yeah, I know.. they were not Greek nor was that very funny.. I have to try sometimes though..

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Kristina said...

WOW!!! Is it sad that I was excited about the SAME thing? I was like yayyyyyy!! Although I did get stuck in my truck last night as it hailed for about 15 mins. Which is odd, I seriously can say I've only seen it hail one other time and that was earlier this year.
I love the blog. Its a good one for all the weather geeks out there!