Thursday, July 27, 2006


Hello from Edinburgh, Scotland! It is really hot here today. The sun is beating down harshly and it is quite unusual for this area. I figured that being that we were much more north it would be cooler, but oh well. Today we climbed up extinct volcanic structures and were studying them. The father of geology, James Hutton studied this volcanic structure in Hollyrood park and used it to come up with some of the basic principles of geology. From the top, there were cool views of Edinburgh... you could see the whole city from that one spot. It was pretty awesome. Tomorrow, we are supposed to be going around the city looking at buildings and structures and after that we will have our free day. I am going with my friends to see the Scotch Museum where they give you a sample at the end of the tour, Edinburgh castle and then at the night, we will be exploring the underground of edinburgh. Supposedly, the city started down in this underground area and then they decided to build on top of it... i can explain more about it later.. Well all is well.. I am ready to come home now.. All of this activity and constantly moving is starting to wear on me and it will be good to return to my normal setting and reestablish that since of normalcy.. I will be back on the states on monday, so this will probably be my last update. Have a great morning yall! (It is 3 pm right now, 9 am Texas time..)

Do you bleed GREEN?!?!?!?!?!?!

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