Saturday, July 15, 2006

Hello from Cork

We are now in Cork Ireland. We arrived last night from Plymouth. Today we went out to Ballycotton Bay to study costal erosion. It was pretty interesting. Tomorrow we will be doing a study of the city of Cork itself, monday will be a free day and Tuesday, we will be heading to Galway, Ireland. In Ireland, the people are really friendly. In plymouth, we encountered many people who would not really acknowledge you when you were walking down the road way and say hello. It is quite interesting. Everybody in the group is getting along quite nicely. We are all accomodating to each other and in some aspects are really acting like a family by looking out for each other and such. I must say that is it really weird for me to be wearing a sweater and jeans on a sunny day in July. We are at 51 degrees North latitude, so i guess that it is to be expected, but all of yall in texas are sweating like crazy. Our accomodations are student dorms. The ones in plymouth were pretty small, but the ones that we have currently are really big. It is like an apartment with 5 bedrooms and a shared commons area with a living room and kitchen and 3 different bathrooms. It is quite spacious. I will have pictures to share with everybody when I return. The country side is so beautiful. There is so much greenspace it just amazes me. Also there are alot of cattle and sheep. The cattle are so different here; they are really lazy. THey lay down alot. In the states, i rarely see cows laying down (however, this may be because i dont go looking at cows all of the time). Also they spray paint their sheep over here. It is used as an identifyer so each owner can know whose sheep is whose... Well I am going to run for now.. Sorry for all of the random topics, it is just how my train of though has been working here lately :) I hope that this message finds all of you well....

Do you bleed GREEN?!?!?!?!?!?!

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