Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Dallas the Movie and the REAL Bobby Ewing

Patrick Duffy was on the Christian O'Connell Breakfast Show on Virgin Radio this morning promoting his theater performance in London. It was an interesting interview. You can go to the website to listen to it... Click on the Christian O'Connell link above and go to Daily Bits and it is about 45 minutes into the show. The highlights from the interview include:

Calling himself a slut.. in terms of acting, taking a job, getting paid and then being kicked out the door

Confirming that Shirley MacLaine would be Ms. Ellie Ewing in the upcoming Dallas Movie

Luke Wilson will be taking the role of Bobby Ewing

When asked if he would make an appearance on it, he said no and that it shouldn't be that way..

John Travolta received the approval from the Original JR, Larry Hagman

He is playing Baron Hardup in Cinderella at the New Victoria Theatre in the South East of England (basically London). It was interesting to hear him on a British Radio Station..

In other Dallas related news, IMDB has it rumored that Marica Cross is to play the role of Pamela Ewing. I don't know if she is the right person to play Pam. Pam requires somebody soft and gentle, and going from her Desperate Housewives role, I think that it would just be weird to she her play something so extremely opposite of what she normally plays.

That's all I got for now..

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