Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Go Vote!

It is now time to take action. Early voting in the State of Texas has started. It is important to take this time to go vote to let your voice be heard. The key position being fought for this season is the coveted Governor for the Great State of Texas. You have read about them, heard about them, watched the debate that they participated in, and now it is time to take action and let your voice be heard. Below are links for the blogs that I wrote about each candidate, read over them and check out their website to refresh your memory and then go vote:

Perry : http://dlm0078.blogspot.com/2006/09/part-4-of-4-gov-rick-perry.html
Kinky: http://dlm0078.blogspot.com/2006/09/part-3-of-4-kinky-friedman.html
Strayhorn: http://dlm0078.blogspot.com/2006/09/gubernatorial-election-part-2-of-4.html
Bell: http://dlm0078.blogspot.com/2006/09/blog-special-gubernatorial-candidates.html

For voting locations, google your specific county and then look for their Elections page. If you are in Denton County, their website is : http://elections.dentoncounty.com/go.asp?Dept=82&Link=894

This page gives dates, times, and locations of polling places. This week, you can go to the Carroll Building (right off of the Square) between 8 and 5pm to vote Monday - Friday, and you can also go 7am-7pm on this Saturday and 1-6pm on Sunday. It is located at the corner of Carroll and Mulberry.

This is an important time in Texas politics. There are some changes that could stand to be made and the only way that WE can do anything about it is to take this time to vote.

When you go to vote, you can take your Voter Registration Card or just your Drivers License. It is that simple.

Remember, we have people out there fighting for this right to vote and we should respect them by practicing this right.

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Ryan Fellers said...

You know, Bell and Kinky were the only 2 that I found to be truly interested in restoring TPWD to its rightful state. That's actually the reason DVSP did the Haunted Hike; to raise donations and awareness about the decrease in funding. The money is sitting there in the budget, and yet TPWD doesn't have access. I think Texas has some beautiful places and the parks are doing all they can to keep costs low for visitors; if something is not done soon, I think we'll continue to see further deterioration of parks.

And yes, there are other alternatives. Transfering the rights of some parks to private owners is possibility, but will private firms really provide that good efficiently. It's true that some deterioration is a result of trashy visitors; if I were a private company, I wouldn't want responsibility of a park. Sure, they could hand over ownership to the city, but there again we see a lack of funding. Hmmmmm, what will happen?