Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Part 4 of 4: Gov. Rick Perry

In the final part of the gubernatorial election series is the current Governor Rick Perry. Prior to becoming Governor, he was Lieutenant Governor for former Governor George W. Bush. After Bush left to run for President, Perry took over for him and has won re-election in the subsequent elections. Here is his information below.. as always, visit his website for more details... http://www.rickperry.com/

Experience: Lieutenant Governor, Commissioner of Agriculture 1985-1991, Texas House of Representatives

Issues: (Instead of listing what he will do for the people of Texas, he has listed what he has done for the people of Texas...)

Education: His highest priority... Required schools to spend 65% of every dollar on classroom instruction, signed $2,000 teacher pay raise, require all Texas HS students to take a college-preparatory curriculum..

Health Care: Established Children's Health Insurance Program, instituted medical liability reform, required parental consent for minor abortions, improved Texas mental health system..

Transportation: increased road funding without raising taxes, improved highway safety, created the TransTexas Corridor plan, relocated urban freight rail lines...

Once again, I was a little disappointed with the website. All it had what what he has done for the people of Texas. Being a resident of Texas, I ALREADY KNOW WHAT HE HAS DONE! (sorry) I really wanted to know what he WILL do for the people of Texas. To see for yourself, please check out the website at http://www.rickperry.com/. Also, feel free to use the comments section as a place to list more information that you may know about a candidate or any debates you may have.

I hope that this has been helpful for you as you make a decision about the candidate that you will choose for our elections on November 7. Please remember to register to vote by October 7th because according to state election code, you must be registered 30 days prior to an election to vote.

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