Monday, September 11, 2006

ABC is stupid

Ok.. So I just got done watching the ABC dramatization of the events that lead up to the events of 9/11. I was not able to watch the first part last night, but I do have it taped. After watching the conclusion of the "drama," I do not think that I need to watch anymore. The whole thing just reaks of nastyness and I think that ABC made a bad move in putting this crap on the airways. When they returned from the Presidental address, and before it initially started, they had a loooong notice stating that this was a dramtization of events listed in the 9/11 Commission's report and that it was not a documentary. Going on my own knowledge of the movie and television industry, documentaries are to be informative and dramas are to be entertaining. I was NOT entertained. Also, with all of the hype about it and their own proclaimation that it was a dramitization, I could not it seriously. If it is not factual, then why put it on the air? Especially on a day such as today when we are supposed to be reflecting on and remembering these people who were the first responders to the attack on our freedom. That was without taste and I personally am dissapointed with ABC. They should not have used an event such as this as an opportunity to cash in on ratings. I have lost respect for this organization. I really do not want to watch ABC anymore, which sucks because I enjoy Grey's Anatomy and I really respect the local affiliate's news and weather departments, but as for a network, I am disheartened by their actions. It was just another opportunity to politicize another eveny that has touched our hearts and another chance for a company to take advantage of their fellow man while they are down..

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Nathan said...

go to this link and read more about "The Path to 9/11"