Friday, September 29, 2006

The Office Season 3 Notes (so far)

Let me just say that this season of The Office has been great so far. I will have to admit that I am really sad that Jim and Pam and separated from each other and have not been in contact with each other. That relationship was one that really drew me (and many others) to the show. I kinda can connect with Jim on some levels. And I will miss the pranks that he pulls on Dwight. In the first episode, there was a long distance prank (only Jim and Pam knew) because Jim sent Dwight a "Gaydar" which was actually a metal detector and he tested Oscar to see if it would work and it did. He then checked himself, and it went off and he then got worried... It was funny, but also sad because Pam watched the whole thing and then they show her quietly chuckle to herself and it was just sad that she couldn't really share that experience with Jim.

I know that the show's writers did all of this on purpose. If Pam and Jim got together, then it would have been too easy and they wouldn't have a lot to go with the other story lines. This allows their story line to go farther instead of getting together and then allowing for them to fade into the sunset of love. I will definitely keep watching to see what happens to our favorite Dunder-Miflinites. It will be interesting how they work with the 2 different offices and try to cover them both. I wonder if there will be an impending merger of the 2 offices in the future? That would be interesting to see how they work with that.

I am not sure if anybody else noticed, but there are some rather large differences with the Scranton and the Stamford offices. The Stamford Office was NICE. It was a real office and was very classy. The Scranton office, you can definitely tell is in a warehouse. It is not all that. You would think that the Stamford office is in New York because of the classiness of the office. It is like Dunder-Miflin cares more about that office to keep it nicer than they do the Scranton branch... Oh well, but that was something that caught my eye. You would just think that they would be somewhat similar, not as different as they were.

P.S... It was awesome when Jim walked into Dwight's room and only saw Angela's legs and thought that he had a hooker in his room.. It was hilarious to see his expression as he was running away from the room. And yet sad again because he had no one to share that with..

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