Tuesday, September 05, 2006

UPDATE: Katie was awesome!

"Hi, everyone. I'm very happy to be here with you tonight," was how a new legacy of CBS network news began tonight. With the exception of a small word fumble, it was great! Despite all of the critics, I think that she will do an awesome job. The show did have a new and fresh feel to it, comparing it to the old days when Dan Rather used to be the host. The theme music was good, but it did not sound exceptionally special, even though it was created by James Horner. It was very apparent that it was the first show because she made several references of "newness." I liked the "Snapshots" and the "Freespeech" segments. This one was with Morgan Spurlock, of Supersize Me fame. She brought a personal touch to the newscast, which is very important to it because that is something that viewers want, a personal touch. She invited viewers to interact, read her blog, etc. She even asked for help in determining a proper signoff. They played a montage of all of the CBS Evening News signoffs and one of "Anchorman's" Ron Burgandy. She just ended it with the standard "Thank you for watching, I hope to see you again tomorrow."

I have been a long time NBC newswatcher, but I think that I will now have to split my time between the two just to see what is going on with each. Brian Williams had a spirited sign off tonight wishing Katie welcoming her to the time slot and good luck, but not too much. I am interested to see what will come in the future and will have to keep tabs on it. I just may add her blog to the list of blogs that I read in the mornings.

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