Monday, September 11, 2006

We Won!

This weekend, the Mean Green played the ponies of SMU. It was a great game. Johnny Quinn kept us afloat by receiveing some great passes from our new QB. Jamario tried to get some plays, but everytime that the ball was passed to him, he was tackled immediately. It is like everybody knows to take him down after a pass. The same thing happened with Patrick Cobbs.. The score, by the way, was 24-6. Great 4th quarter. I am still horse from Saturday night.

I was very suprised and excited about the amount of people in the stands. The student section was filled with a sea of green, which is unusual because it is hard for our campus to come together due to our status as a commuter school. I just hope that this new attendance will stick and more people will come to the game to root on our team.

---Update--- The attendance was 25,231, the 3rd largest crowd to ever watch a UNT football game... Keep it up!

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