Friday, September 29, 2006

Traditions Lesson: Mean Green

We are the Mean Green. The Official mascot of the University of North Texas is an Eagle, so officially, we are the Eagles. However, we have a secondary moniker; The Mean Green. This stems from one of our famous alumnus: Mean Joe Greene. Many people may know Joe Green from his great playing with the Pittsburg Steelers. Those who know him, should also know that he attended what was then North Texas State University. He was a defensive tackle and that is how he earned the name of "Mean Joe." In the late 60's, we (the University) asked Joe if we could use the combination of his name, "Mean Green" because of his great skills and the service that he provided to the defense of the football team and he obliged. So now in addition to being the UNT Eagles, we are also the UNT Mean Green and have been proud to sport the additional moniker since the late 60's. And this is why we are the MEAN GREEN!

Pictured above is Mean Joe being presented his UNT Football Jersey in 1969 by UNT Officials, one likely being President Kamerick..

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