Tuesday, September 26, 2006

This is why being a teacher is difficult

An elementary Art teacher in Frisco is being reprimanded for what a child saw on a field trip to the Dallas Museum of Art. A 5th grader told their parents that while on the trip, he saw a nude body. When the parent heard of this, they complained to the school district. I should say that the parents were required to sign a permission slip before their child was allowed to go on the field trip. Personally, I don't understand what the big deal is. It is just Art... And it is not like the teacher can control what is put on display. As long as it was not falic, I don't see the big deal. At this point in life, 5th graders are learning about their changing bodies and they show videos about these changes and they are graphic too. It is time that our society stops being so sensitive to things of that nature, especially when it is art. If it was something else, like a movie with sex or something of that nature, that is one thing, but this was ART... GET OVER IT.. The teacher is now on paid leave and Frisco ISD has made the decision not to renew her contract at the end of the school year when it expires. It has not been said if she will be taken off of paid leave or not. It is just ridiculous and this is one thing that makes teachers quit and not teach, because they always have to walk on eggshells to not to offend anyone in order to avoid loosing their jobs. And we wonder why we have issues with teacher shortages....

Source : Dallas Morning News

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