Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Wright Fight Continued.....

Today a US House panel reviewing the proposition that a consortium of the Cities of Dallas and Fort Worth, American and Southwest Airlines, and, D/FW and Love Fields wrote to propose an end to the Wright Amendment. They have approved all parts of it, but they have taken out the language regarding the anti-competition laws. From my understanding of all of this, this would allow Southwest Airlines (SWA) to be the sole airline at Love Field. Personally, I do not care if there are other airlines at Love. I just think that the Wright Amendment should be revoked. The Wright Amendment, written in 1979 by House Speaker Jim Wright, was put in place to protect D/FW International Airport in its time of growth. Basically the Wright Amendment places a restriction on where SWA can fly from Love Field (the 8 states that surround the State of Texas). With its repeal, SWA would be able to fly anywhere within the contiguous 48 states. Wright is wrong because D/FW is one of the largest airports in the nation and they do not need the protection anymore. SWA is being penalized because they run their business efficiently and can afford to charge consumers less than the traditional airline. This proposal needs to be passed soon because the agreement that was signed by the consortium expires at the end of this year. Hopefully this removal of language will not put a snag in the effort to repeal Wright.. More to come... Source: WFAA-TV

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