Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Small town affiliates share with the big dogs..

Fellow blogger Mike McGuff made a post about Fox O&O's (Owned and Operated) sharing their news coverage with nearby smaller market affiliates. That is just weird. Personally, I would prefer my news coverage to be covered by a local team who knows my community, not somebody from a few hours away trying to talk about things they don't really know about.. Also, it is cool to watch the news of a different city, but, then again, I would prefer my local news over some cities news from several hours away. In areas that surround North Texas, like Sherman and Tyler/Longview, they some of their own affiliates of ABC, CBS, NBC, and Fox, but on cable (and over the air in Sherman), they can get the D/FW version of their network station in addition to their localized station. I would think that residents of those areas would not appreciate their local stations shutting down and switching their signal to the DFW station. It would help those bigger affiliates, because they would make more money in advertisement sales and would have a better opportunity to do well with ratings, but it is still a little crazy...

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