Thursday, November 01, 2007

New Fights against Immigration

Today in Oklahoma, House Bill 1804 goes into effect. What is that you may ask? Well, it is a new law that the Oklahoma legislature placed on the books to take care of the illegal immigration within their state. They are now making it a crime for American citizens to help transport, harbor, or conceal illegal residents. The law also denies illegal residents within the state of Oklahoma to receive a drivers license and requires proof of citizenship before state aid is issued.

There is a lot of uproar from people who favor immigration saying that the law is too strict. There are reports already that people are moving out of the state. KRLD-AM and CBS Radio are reporting that an estimated 20,000 illegal residents have already moved from Tulsa, Oklahoma's second largest city.

What does this mean for Texans? Get ready to encounter more illegal residents here in our state. Also get ready to hear more griping and complaining from both sides of the aisle over this law. Texas one of the closest states to Oklahoma so that would be an easy transition and also we are somewhat friendly to illegal residents. Texas does have a large population of Spanish speakers, which in some cases, is native tongue to these peoples. In addition, the State of Texas makes it easy for illegal residents to attend college with the Senate Bill 1528 which allows students who have resided in Texas for 3 years and attended a Texas high school to attend a Texas University or College.

Is this a good Bill? I think that it is. I mean, it is basically upholding the laws that are already on the books concerning this matter. Lets put it this way : If you were caught helping a bank robber hide in the closet or take him to a hotel, you would face the same prosecution. Yes, these people have left their respective homes for a "better life" here in the states. Yes, they do need help with their endeavour. But, is it fair that they are starting their trek by going down the wrong path that happens to be illegal in accordance to the laws that have been written to keep tranquility in the US? I think not. We need to welcome our new members to the American Family, but we also need to encourage them to get started on the right foot and not the wrong foot. If we were to do the same in their respective countries, we would be detained and kicked out quicker than we can say "hello".

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