Monday, August 13, 2012

If I had lunch with a famous person...

So I had a random thought the other day while I was watching Big Brother and I was thinking... What famous person would I have lunch with if I could?  It happened that the person was staring right at me from my TV screen... It would be Julie Chen.  Why Julie you ask?  Well, she is pretty awesome.  She hosts one of my favorite shows and despite her small role within the show, she has a big impact. All I can say is that the Chenbot rules!

As the host of CBS's Big Brother, Julie gets to see the ins and outs of the show.  She gets to know the characters better than we do and she has a backstage pass to all of the action.  What makes me love Julie so much on Big Brother is that you can tell that she is just as much of a fan as the rest of us are.  She gets excited when she meets the evicted house guests and likes to tease the house guests with some thought provoking questions (giving Jeff a hard time about Jordan).  She also plays along with them when they throw questions back at her (Dan when he calls her Mrs. Chen).  You can tell which house guests she likes if you pay attention to how she greets the person as they walk out the front door. To see an example of Julie's love for the game, click here.

In her 12 years of hosting, she has developed a bit of a reputation as being a little stiff at times.  Some would say robotic.  This comes from her background of being a journalist and trying to be objective (which is a part of her formal training).  Given this stiffness, she was nicknamed "Chenbot".  Some people would be offended by such a nickname, but Julie has embraced it and even makes fun of herself by using the nickname "Chenbot".  See related story here.

If I had lunch with Julie, I would ask her all sorts of questions:

Who is your favorite house guest?
Did Brenchel annoy you as much as they did the rest of us?
If you were a house guest, what season would you like to have played in?
Chilltown or the Brigade?
What did you think of Boogie and Will playing the women in BB All-Stars?

Overall, I think that Julie would make a great lunch date and would be really fun to chat with.  I would love to pick her brain about the game and get her take on the show and it's various characters.  She is the ultimate expert in the game and it would be totally fun to nerd out with her.

Julie, if you see this, give me a call! You pick the place and I'll get the tab.

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