Friday, August 03, 2012

It's days like today when I wish that I lived in Seattle

This is a photo from my visit in March 2010 on the
I- 90 Floating Bridge towards Mercer Island
It is hot! Really hot.  The current temperature in Denton is 104 degrees.  Despite the fact that I am off of work today, I have spent all of it inside because of the temperature.  I did venture outside to run some errands and piddle around the Square, but beyond that, I have been inside.  Currently in Seattle, it is 76 degrees.  Tomorrow, they will be under a heat advisory with their high temperature of 86 degrees.  If only we could stay at 86.

I say this because I really like Seattle.  It reminds me a lot of Denton but just bigger, skinnier, and more people.  It helps that it is in a different climate zone and is outside the state of Texas.  I have only been to Seattle once, but that was all it took to get me excited about the Emerald City.

Like Denton, the locals are pretty laid back and are fond of shopping local, enjoying the outdoors, and being eco-friendly.  It also helps that Seattle is just gorgeous.  There are a lot of trees, the air is fresh, and they have these things called mountains.  Fellow Texans can appreciate my lack of knowledge about these things called mountains as we do not have any here in the Lone Star State.  We have plateaus (and beautiful ones in the High Plains region) and hills; none of this mountain business.

Who knows if a move to Seattle will ever happen, but maybe it will one day.  Justin recently found a fellow blogger that wrote about their experience moving from DFW to Seattle: Our Move to Seattle.  I was glad to see that other Metroplex dwellers were able to do it and that I could do it too.

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