Thursday, May 18, 2006

It is almost Willy-Willy time!

Well it is almost that time again! June 1st... What does that mean kids? Hurricane time! YAY!! Well with all that happened last year, the response would be more like: "oh snap" or some other variation of that. This year, William Grey, the Hurricane expert at Colorado State University (why Colorado and not a ocean bordered state is beyond me too...) has only predicted a whopping 17 hurricanes, of which 5 are projected to be severe. Last year, we had a record breaking 26 hurricanes of which the last 2 names were derived from Greek alphabet. Hopefully this year will not be as bad. Currently, the Earth is on a cycle where storms and weather patters are more severe then years past and hopefully that cycle will gear down and will reduce the ferocity of the storms.. Make sure that you have your hurricane plan in place and have a place to evacuate to if needed... It will make your life a lot easier when you face the situation than having to deal with it under that time of great stress..

P.S... Willy-Willy is the Austrailian term for Hurricane..

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