Thursday, May 04, 2006

Pete and Troy... a match made in heaven?????

For viewers of Dallas's Channel 8, they have noticed that Troy Dungan, the Cheif Meteorologist has had a freindly helper during the weathercasts, Pete Delkus. Pete is the newest meteorologist who is scheduled to take over for Troy whenever he retires sometime real soon. For the past few months, Troy and Pete have been doing dual casts where Pete will go over something and Troy will follow up behind him the weather forecast. All metroplexers have been brainwashed to "Trust Troy.." Now WFAA is trying to wean the audience to accept Pete as the new guy and they are trying to show us that he is actually competent. This is totally a new concept for me becuase usually when people leave, they say their goodbyes and then the new guy starts the next day and has to establish credibility on his/her own. I just think that it sucks for Pete to have to be at the station to only be on the air for a total of 30 seconds doing something menial as sharing WeatherBug temperatures and the like (however lately, he has been doing a really good analysis of the severe weather that heads our way).

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Nathan said...

Cool Blog site buddy! DOWN WITH TROY! TRUST PETE!