Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Virgin All the Way!

Well, recently I have started to listen to Virgin Radio again.. It has some good music on it.. A nice mix of new and old, familar and new music (to me at least)..Its also pretty cool because I am listening to foreign radio, but I can understand everyword that is being said! It is starting to make me even more excited for my trip. It is based out of London, so while I am over there, I will be able to listen to it.. I will just have to get a hold of a handheld radio to take with me, or get some type of add on for my iPod to pick up radio stations..

I have picked up some videos from the library about Ireland and London and I am going to watch them this weekend. Nathan bought some videos off of iTunes this past weekend about Dublin and London from the Travel Channel and they were pretty cool and really makes me want to visit Dublin. It is also making me really excited....

If you are looking for a really catchy song, the radio station collaborated with a band to create a song for fans in the stands to support their football (soccer) in the world cup championship.. it is really catchy and has stuck with me ever since I heard it.. It called Hurry Up England.. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to listen to the audio of the song.. they also have a music video for the song..

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