Sunday, June 11, 2006

As the World Turns...

Well, it has been a while since I have last made a post. I have been working hard at work and my Summer I class just started and I have been doing a lot of hanging out, so I have been worn out the last few weeks and have had my mind in a million places at once. I have been doing some extensive, extensive research on which bank that I should use while I am away. I think that I have narrowed it down to either DATCU (my current Credit Union) or Century Bank, which does not charge any ATM fees at all anywhere or at anytime. It is a little annoying that I have had to do all of this researching in the first place because I think that it is a little dumb that banks charge people to use their money in the first place, however, I can understand the fact that the bank is a business and must try to make a profit at the same time that they are providing a service to the public.

This Friday, we hopefully will be having our first and only meeting before we leave for our trip. It will be an opportunity to ask questions pertaining to the trip and a chance for Dr. Williams and Dr. Lyons to present preliminary lectures to us about the topics that we will be covering while we are there and also give them a chance to prep us on what we should expect to encounter while we are there.

Yesterday, I read through the "Study Abroad for Dummies" book that I bought last summer in anticipation for this trip. It had some interesting details on how to pack, what to pack, traveling within in the country and other stuff like that.. It had some good information in there. I have already got the list going and some things set aside that I know that I will need while I am there and I am also starting to stock up on supplies. I am just in a conundrum about the suitcase that I should use. I have a soccer bag that I have been using as a suitcase for a while now, but I am wondering if I would be able to use a standard suitcase instead that way I could have extra room for clothes and whatnot. We will be doing a lot of traveling by car and walking in the airport so I need to check with the profs to see which is the best option.

The excitement is starting to build big time. Listening to Virgin Radio is not really helping matters because as I am listening to it, I keep imagining that I am in London and I try to imagine what life would be like living there. I think that I might have to get a hold of a radio for while I am there so I can listen to them live and in person instead of streaming through the internet. It would also be a great opportunity to experience what the rest of the radio band has to offer.

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