Sunday, June 25, 2006

"Its about time," meets "No more Toll Roads!"

Yay! The new expanded portion of 121 will be open soon from Coppell to Carrollton. However, it will soon come with a price..Tolls.. This has been a long argument that citizens have been fighting with the state, and so have some cities. TxDOT says that the new extension will open in July, and it will be running on a "Marketing Period" where tolls will be "waived" for users (Thank you TxDOT!!). Currently it would be a little hard for them to collect tolls because there are no toll booths. Oh and that is another thing.. It is not going to have any "person" operated toll booths. It will be the 2nd (yeah thats right Dallas Morning News, the Westpark tollway was the first, check your facts!) roadway in the nation that will be totally automated. If you do not have a TollTag or a Harris County Toll Road Authority EZTag, then a picture will be taken of your license plate and you will receive a bill in the mail at the rate of 30% higher than if you were to have a TollTag.

It is all annoying in the first place because the taxpayers have already paid to build what they have so far. Why is it that we should have to now pay to use the stupid road. I know that it is all a matter of convenience, but still, I think that I will be peachy with the feeder roads. That is what we all are using now, but there are just traffic congestions while they are currently tearing up the earth to continue the job. If the outlying areas of the Metroplex weren't expanding so fast (Carrollton, Lewisville, Coppell, Frisco, Plano, The Colony, etc.), then we wouldn't have to be subjected to such instances. Oh well, I guess that is how the gun shoots when we are an urban sprawl society.

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