Thursday, June 01, 2006

Banks suck

Well, in preparation for the trip, I have been investigating banks. I currently bank with Wells Fargo, and I am really happy the service that I have received thus far. However, they really suck with overseas service. They want to charge $5 to access an ATM overseas and they charge 3% currency exchange rate fee to use my check card as a credit card. That is ridiculous. You would think that this day in age, the technology is such that it wouldnt be a problem to make such a transaction. Now I am in a search to find a bank that will not charge me to access my accounts while i am abroad. My credit union does not charge anything currently, except just for the local ATM fees that those banks assess, but now they are going to start charging a small precentage for ATM withdrawls... My roommate opened an account at Century Bank and they are not supposed to charge fees to access your account abroad, so I think that I may have to investigate them for myself and possibly open an account there temporarily for this trip....

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