Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Blogging and The Office

It is weird.. I have a blog, and I am just now getting into reading other people's blogs (religiously). I have read some before, and I have had one that I read really regularly, but I am not gaining more that I am starting to read on a more, religiously/regular basis. Yesterday, I stumbled upon a blog that is maintained by the actress who plays Pam from NBC's The Office. It is on Myspace and it is pretty cool. She maintains it herself (not by her assistant) and she shares information about the upcoming season and also other projects that she is working on. She will also answer questions that fans email to her about the show/her life/other projects. It is really cool. She even accepted my friend request! After reading her blog and another blog that is maintained by the actress who plays Angela, I was on an Office high and wanted to watch The Office. I got through the first season, maybe I can make a good dent in the second season tonight... It is a really good show. I am really wrapped up (along with the rest of America) with the Jam (Pam/Jim) relationship and its possible outcomes. That whole situation is a hard situation. You have Pam who is engaged to her high school love who has been playing around and not ready to commit (they have been engaged for 3 years) and then you have Jim, who is her co-worker and partner in crime that they commit in the office (office pranks, not literal crime) and over time, he has developed a crush on her. He tells her his feelings (something that he has been wanting to do for a long time) and then she says no, which is dumb because it is obvious that she cannot get anywhere with Roy, her fiance. I really want them to get together, becasue they will make a better couple than her and Roy... Grrr... I just have to wait until September 21 to find out... I cant wait!!!!!

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mikemcguff said...

What's the address to that myspace account? The Office has become an addiction for me to!