Monday, August 21, 2006

Entourage and others

Well, the season finale for Entourage is next Sunday. This is a bitter-sweet day for Entourage fans. We are excited to find out what will happen next? Will Ari really get fired? Will Ari's new agency fail without Vince? Will Vince be able to survive after paying $20k for a pair of shoes? And then it sucks because we have to wait a whole year for a new episode.. Entourage has a weird time for is season. I guess that it is pretty convenient because they play the episodes in the summer, and is easier for people of its demographic (18-30's) to watch it because they are either out of school or their work schedule is adjusted somewhat for the summer and it is easier to catch the episode? But it shouldn't matter anyways, because it comes on at 9pm on Sundays.. Who knows.. It is just another show that I will have to patiently wait for new episodes for. The Office is killing me.. I have to find out what happens with Pam and Jim! My little Office-a-thon is now over, so I am all caught up, but, I am still wanting more.. I have now switched focus and now watching The Real World - Las Vegas, which is not the best season, but I only have LV and the original New York season on DVD.. I have not seen many episodes of this season's Real World - Key West. From what I have seen, it is not a very riveting season. It is the same 'ole mess that it always is.. No surprise..

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