Thursday, August 31, 2006

I Bleed GREEN!

So this weekend, I am going to Aggieland to watch the A&M/Citadel game on Saturday. Nathan and I will be leaving on friday and we probably will arrive just in time for Midnight Yell. This is going to be an interesting experience becasue everybody will actually be excited about going to a pep rally. A&M is very serious about their pride. Maroon and white all the way and to your grave.. I like that kind of spirit. At UNT, there are only small sections of people who actually contain a small, but similar level of pride as Aggies do. I am excited to see this event. I have never really been on campus before at A&M so that will be awesome too. At one time, I considered going to A&M becasue they have an excellent meteorology program, and also, I felt that I would fit right in with the Aggie traditions and pride. But I chose UNT instead, becasue my heart was (and still is) telling me to go teach and we (UNT) have a great education program. Plus, UNT is substantially cheaper to attend. I LOVE UNT and I am glad that I came here because I have made many great friends and I have made some great connections that will definately help out in the future.. There have been a lot of great times and experiences that I will not give up for the world.. and even though I will be rooting for the Aggies, I STILL BLEED GREEN

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