Monday, August 21, 2006

Farmers Branch goes crazy over illegals!

Today, the Farmers Branch City Council is meeting to consider creating policies that would restrict illegal immigrants within their community. They will fine employers who give these people jobs (which should be done in the first place) and will make it illegal for property owners of homes or apartment complexes to rent to illegals. In addition, they will be printing all city documents in english only and will eliminate subsidies for illegal immigrants in the city's youth programs. I agree that employers should be fined and that the city has the right to only produce documents in english only, but I think that it is not right for them to take money away from youth programs and to restrict where illegal immigrants can or cannot live. Is there not a law out there that prevents discrimination within the housing industry? If they are able to pay the rent, why should their status matter? Yes, they should not even be here in the first place, but still, they still need a place to stay, and if the rent is paid, then so what? Also, it is not the children's fault that their parents made them come to the states illegally. Why should they be penalized for something that they have no control over? These programs are there to benefit all children and if they are illegal, then it could help them accumulate to the culture and learn how to be a good citizen. I just think that FB City Council is just being a little drastic. Yes, the United States, Texas in particular, has a problem with illegal immigration, but is this really a necessary step?


Anonymous said...

This is ABSOLUTELY a necessary step. By definition, they are not allowed to be here and therfore they haven't any housing rights. If they can't work here, and they can't find a home here, then they are less likely to come here. We have to make it very difficult for them to do things we take for granted and then they will stop coming and if we make it difficult enough, they may leave. I think it should be illegal to sell food or drink to illegals. That might make em think twice before coming.

Texas Truth said...

I am happy to see local governments stepping up to take care of this problem when the federal government won’t.

I have posted comments on my site dealing with this and other issues.

Please feel free to stop by and visit. I welcome all opinions and views, no matter what they are.


Gary Severs said...

Is there not a law out there that prevents discrimination within the housing industry?
You mentions this. Well the housing authorities would only enforce discrimination tactics for LEGAL residents of the USA, and Texas in particular.