Sunday, August 27, 2006

Of Wheels and Fortunes

Today I went to a taping of Wheel of Fortune. It was pretty cool. They taped it at Nokia Live in Grand Prairie. It was a special "North Texas/Dallas" edition. Instead of calling it one or the other, they used both. In the title of the show, they called it "Wheel of fortune Dallas," however, when Vanna was doing her spots and doing her segways to and from commercials, she would say "North Texas." So as a viewer and resident, I was confused about from where that actually were coming from... But it was really cool. We got to sit through 3 tapings for 3 different days worth of episodes. It was "Family Week," so there were 2 players for each color. Only one team, a mom and son team from Lancaster, won the final puzzle and walked away with 30K and the money that they won from the previous puzzles. It was a great time, there was only one time that they had to redo something, when one guy spinned the wheel when there was only vowels left in the puzzle. Vanna and Pat were really nice. Pat came out during one break and sat in the audience, spoke with a kid, and let him go on the stage and spin the wheel. Vanna came out for a while and did a quick Q&A session. She was really cool and tried to get everybody's questions answered and she even signed a few autographs for a couple of girls and a guy who had his picture taken with her 17-18 years ago.. It was just a really cool experience. Now I can say that I have been apart of a studio audience and that I have seen a tv show being taped live. Now I am going to split my time between the Emmy's and Katrina Documentaries on the Weather Channel until Entourage at 9! Oh, by the way, Pat and Vanna aren't that tall. Also, the stage and the wheel were a lot smaller that I expected them to be. When you watch it on tv, things are a lot bigger than they actually are..

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