Friday, August 25, 2006

Less than 72 hours left!

Less than 72 hours left until the official start to the Fall 2006 semester.. I am always excited about the start of a semester... new classes, football season, a sense of newness on campus.. It is pretty cool... However, sometimes it feels like, I never had a break between semesters. This will be a good semester though because it will be my last as an undergraduate. In December, accompanied by several friends, I will be walking across the stage in the Coliseum getting a piece of paper that says that I know something and will begin a new chapter in my life, "After College." I totally wont be "out" of college though becasue I will still work for the University and will also be attending Grad School in the Spring. This semester will be loads of fun consisting of Music in Pop Culture, Japanese History, African American History and Short Stories. I am just waiting for the SMU game on September 9 so I can hear the Green Brigade...

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